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San Diego Water Board Authorizes a 50 Percent Increase in Recycled Water Production at USMC Base Camp Pendleton

For Immediate Release
June 26, 2014
Contact: Alex Cali
Phone: (619) 521-3355

The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (San Diego Water Board) has adopted an order authorizing an increase in recycled water production at the US Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton from 5 million gallons per day to 7.5 million gallons per day, a 50 percent increase.

San Diego Water Board Executive Officer David Gibson praised the Marine Corps saying, "Camp Pendleton’s commitment to meet increasing demand through water recycling is admirable and a model for water producers in the entire San Diego Region."

Camp Pendleton receives no imported water, relying instead on groundwater and recycled water to meet the needs of the base.  Camp Pendleton will use the increased production of recycled water for landscape irrigation, dual-plumbed facilities, and a recycled water fill station to serve construction purposes, such as dust control, soil compaction and concrete mixing.

By adopting this order, the San Diego Water Board continues to demonstrate its commitment to fast track permits for recycled water projects in the region, which is heavily dependent on imported water. This is in keeping with San Diego Water Board's Practical Vision planning tool and the State Recycled Water Policy, which calls upon Californians to increase the use of recycled water over 2002 levels by at least one million acre-feet per year by 2020, and by at least two million acre-feet per year by 2030. One acre-foot equals about 356,000 gallons.

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